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up to 90%, saving
money and energy!
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Play MovieAeroseal Southeast is striving to be your partner in making your commercial property as energy efficient and inexpensive as possible. Leaking duct systems lead to a huge waste of energy in commercial buildings. The Aeroseal system will bring your duct system to a level of efficiency that is often better than when newly constructed. Efficiencies of 97-99% are typically achieved.

Our goal is to partner with you in an effort to give you the information you need to make sound financial decisions about your property. Our process of inspection and reporting will give you valuable information regarding your HVAC ducting along with an estimate of the money you are wasting every year. The process is as follows.

  • An initial meeting to determine more about the property and to secure a set of mechanical plans for the HVAC systems.
  • A thorough study of the mechanical plans to formulate a plan of inspection and duct tightness testing.
  • A site visit in which duct leakage testing is performed. This visit also includes an internal inspection of the duct work.
  • A determination of the amount of energy being wasted by the duct systems will be made using ASHRAE standards of energy efficiency for commercial buildings.
  • The final step is to calculate the cost of sealing the duct systems in your building and discussing the options available for sealing the duct systems.
  • Aeroseal Southeast offers a number of ways to accomplish the sealing of systems. We can seal all systems as one job, or we offer monthly and/or yearly plans to put your building on its way to maximum efficiency.

A Sound Financial Decision

  • Aeroseal is the most effective, affordable, and viable method of sealing duct leaks. Just like anywhere else, ducts in commercial buildings leak. Leaking ducts cost you money via:
    • Check out the duct sealing case studies.Increased Energy Consumption – With fan power representing 40-50% of HVAC energy usage, leakage costs can be significant due to increased in fan speed to compensate for leakage; even 15% leakage can lead to an increase in system fan power of 40%
    • Thermal Loss – When supply air escapes, variations in temperature between rooms and floors occur affecting comfort levels in this space
    • Equipment Overload – Your system will run longer than specified to compensate for pressure loss and temperature accuracy; this could lead to increased maintenance costs and premature component replacement
    • Code Issues – Leakage could lead to ventilation and safety code issues relating to exhaust, along with excessive fan power use
    • Airflow safety – For hospitals, laboratories and manufacturing facilities, the unexpected spread of contaminant and biohazards through back drafting could pose a liability
  • The computerized duct system inspection performed by Aeroseal will illustrate not only the building leakage percentage, but also the impact that sealing the leaks can have on your company’s bottom line. Using local utility rates, estimated system operating hours, and other inputs supplied by your operations personnel, our software closely calculates all the financial parameters of the project including:
    • Simple payback
      Benefit-to-cost ration and ROI


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